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digital fingerprint

Intelligent Fingerprint Comparison Technology

Webseiten überwachen mit dem digitalen Fingerabdruck

Intelligent digital Fingerprint (IFCT)

This algorithm, espacially designed for SiteAlert, creates a digital fingerprint of your website.

Changes of the content will be tolerated by the system until a certain amount. (blog entrys or news won´t affect the system) Does the content change massivly, or in the wrong area (e.g. header) you´ll get alerted.


Some errors are difficult to indicate. This is a very effective way to solve those issues.


Case studies

A hoster rebooted a server after a crash. But the reboot was imcomplete - the php-module hadn´t rebooted properly. Therefore the server delivered the unparsed php-code to the browser. The server delivered the servercode 200 (everthing works properly) repsonse time was pretty short. This is a perfect scenario - the code is massively different than before and the fingerprint indicated and alerted it.

After a server hack, a porn image was displayed instead of the homepage. The server delivered no errors, but the fingerprint did.

Various Systems suppress notices and warnings. A database was corrupt, no data were displayed, all that was printed on the screen was the bare layout of the website. That didn´t match the fingerprint.